Product and Accessory Services

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are your minimum order quantities? 

Our minimum order quantity for our product and accessories department is 50 units a month per style but can be broken up into two colors, as long as each color is at least 25 units. For example, you would need to order at least 50 tote bags at once, but you could do 25 blue and 25 pink within that 50 units.

​We usually average around 200-500 units per order, but we work with each of our clients to product the amount of garments they need.

What is the maximum amount you can produce?

While we do offer low minimums, we love larger orders as well. If you need a larger order, of 1000 units or more at once, we sometimes like to break it up into smaller batches so you will have some of the product ready sooner. For example, we might break the 1000 units into two batches and have 500 ready in two weeks and then 500 ready two weeks after that. Since we ask for payment up front, this is sometimes easier on our client's cash flow as well, and they can start shipping or selling product earlier than the would otherwise. Because of this method, we do not have a maximum order quantity. 

Are there any products or accessories you do not produce?

Since there is such a variety of products and accessories out there in existence, we need to make sure that we have the machines and talent available to make the products or accessories.  While we can work with a variety of fabrics from knits to wovens and we have a variety of machines and equipment, we review all new products and garments and make sure that it is a great fit for our production style and team.

Do you source fabric?

Due to the volume of clients we we work with and the variety of projects we produce, we are unable to source fabric. You can have the fabric shipped directly to us, however. 

What are your turnaround times?

For our products and accessories clients, the goal is to set up recurring orders, whether it be weekly, bi weekly or monthly. After we have completed a few beginning production runs, then we will work with you to decide how many units you will need a month and set up an amount that you are comfortable reordering. This is one of the main differences from our apparel services. 

Do you offer screen printing services?


We do not offer screen printing services or embroidery services. ​

How does your payment method work?

We require payment in full before we begin our services. We will send an itemized invoice via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay the invoice and can pay by card or check. 

Do I need to live in Nashville?

Absolutely not! We work with several local companies, boutiques and designers, but we also work with plenty of clients who live out of state. Some of the people we work with drop by once a week to pick up product, and some we've never even met face to face! We are set up to be able to work correspondence if we have to, but you are also always welcome to schedule a meeting to come visit us anytime! 

Getting Started

  • The first thing we will need is to see a sew-by sample for the product or accessory to assess if it is a good fit for our manufacturing team and to get an estimated manufacturing quote. The best way to do this is to mail us your sample, or drop it off at our location. Please be sure to include the manufacturing quote form with your sample. The form can be found          . 

  • After we review your sample and give you a manufacturing estimate, then our next step is to make a sample ourselves. After we make the sample, we will have an exact manufacturing cost. To make the sample, we will need your sew-by sample, a pattern, and enough of the exact fabric you will be using in manufacturing for the sample. Currently, we can only work with paper or oak tag patterns. We are working on being able to accept digital patterns in 2020!

  • After you review the sample, then we will need a pattern for each style that will be manufactured. Then, we are ready to start production! 

We try to make our startup process as easy as can be so we can move on to manufacturing as quickly as possible! 

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