Our In House Philosophy 


Everything we produce is made right here in house. Everything. We do not use contract sewers and we do not contract pieces out to other facilities. We believe in consistency in our products, whether we make 25 or 2,500 of that product and we feel that the only way to get that consistency is by having everything made under our roof with our machines set to our standards. We also believe that it is the only way to make sure all employees are being paid fairly and receiving the benefits they deserve. 

Our Amazing Team


We couldn't be more proud of our proficient and diverse team and the amazing array of talents they bring to the

company. Every one of our team members has unique skills and abilities that we utilize as much as possible while helping them develop new skills along the way. Some of our team members have been sewing for years, others have just started their professional sewing careers. Some of them have moved here from other states, others have lived in middle Tennessee all of their lives. No matter what their background or history, they all share one thing in common; a love and appreciation of the art of sewing. 

Our Sustainability Goals


To be more sustainable is a monumental goal that we continuously strive for every day. Being a manufacturer means that we may have a long way to go, but we work on small changes all the time.

From switching our sewing machine motors over to more energy efficient models, to recycling old paper patterns into new patterns or working with designers to get the most efficient use of the fabric, even it means shortening a sleeve, or creating an accessory that will use up the unused fabric, we evaluate every day how we can continually work toward the goal of becoming a more sustainable company.