Pre-Order Services

Our new pre-order service is exactly the same as our apparel service, except this service add-on allows you to hold your space in our production queue while getting pre-orders first. 

How it works:

If you are not sure how many garments you will need or what exact sizes you will sell before you place a manufacturing order, you can put a 50% deposit down on at least 25 garments to hold your space in our production line while you pre-sell your garment. Once your pre-sale widow closes and you have the exact number and size quantities you want to place, then you would pay the difference before production starts. This option allows you to have an exact ship date for your pre-order customers and have a faster turnaround time than usual since your place in the queue was held.. 

This works especially great for new designers who aren't sure what sizes they will sell more of, or for designers who are going to market and want to see what sizes and quantities boutiques will pick up before solidifying the manufacturing order. 

Getting Started:

Follow the instructions for getting started on the Apparel Services page, and then fill out the apparel manufacturing form, but check the box that indicates that you are interested in the pre-order option.

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