We pride ourselves in making the transition to our facility easy, smooth and cost effective. Over the years, we have streamlined and simplified this process so that new clients can start manufacturing new garments  with us as soon as possible. We do not have any type of set up fees or pattern transfer fees. 

There are three basic components you'll need to have before we can get started:

  • A sew-by sample that reflects the garment you want to manufacture, preferably in the fabric you want to use for manufacturing.

  • A sewing pattern that reflects the sew-by sample, preferably in a size small. Can be digital or hand drafted on pattern paper. 

  • A source for fabric and notions for production. (We supply thread and basic sizes of knitted elastic.)


If you do not have all three of these components, you'll need to find a company that can help you develop the sew-by samples and patterns and source fabric. ​Depending on the type of garments you want to make, we have a few

companies we can refer you to if needed that can help with these components. 

There are three basic steps that need to be completed by us before manufacturing:

  • Reviewing the garment and working up a production estimate

  • Making a pre-production sample

  • Digitizing and grading patterns if not already graded

Production Estimate:

During this phase, we will need the sew-by sample mailed or dropped off to us so we can review the sample and make sure it fits our manufacturing style. If it is, then we will work up a cost sheet that will include a manufacturing estimate, as well as cost for the pre-production sample.

Pre-production Sample:

After the cost sheet is reviewed by the client, then we will need the sewing pattern, sew-by sample and production fabric to make a pre-production sample. This sample is created by us, and will allow us to check the pattern, work up a sewing order of operations and cutters must as well as calculate the exact manufacturing cost of the garment. The client will also be able to review the pre-production sample to confirm the construction details of the garment before going into manufacturing. 

Digitizing Patterns and Grading:

Once the pre-production sample has been approved by the client, the last step is for us to digitize and grade the pattern if the pattern is not already digital or graded. 

After these three basic steps, we are ready for manufacturing

If you have the three basic components listed above and would like to discuss a manufacturing estimate, please email us at info@prangeapparel.com and tell us in detail about your garments, your brand and your company. 

We review new inquiries once a week so we'll get back to you within 7 days.