Apparel Services

 We offer cut and sew apparel manufacturing services, with a specific focus on women's ready-to-wear and boutique apparel.


We work with start up brands who are producing their first collections, as well as established brands who have buyers, boutiques and wholesale accounts to fulfill.


Our goal, by providing smaller batches to designers, is to enable them to scale their business at their own pace.


We like to work with brands and designers that we can establish long term relationships with and continue to produce for them as they grow.


Designers can place orders for products

 as they need to fill orders. 


Getting Started

There are two starting points for manufacturing:

Do you have 

  • The first thing we will need is to see a sew-by sample for the garment to assess if it is a good fit for our manufacturing team and to get an estimated manufacturing quote. The best way to do this is to mail us your sample, or drop it off at our location. Please be sure to include the manufacturing quote form with your sample. The form can be found         . 

  • After we review your sample and give you a manufacturing estimate, then our next step is to make a sample ourselves. After we make the sample, we will have an exact manufacturing cost. To make the sample, we will need your sew-by sample, a pattern, and enough of the exact fabric you will be using in manufacturing for the sample. Currently, we can only work with paper or oak tag patterns. We are working on being able to accept digital patterns in 2020!

  • After you review the sample, then we will need graded patterns for all sizes that will be manufactured. Then, we are ready to start production! 

We try to make our startup process as easy as can be so we can move on to manufacturing as quickly as possible! 

if You already have patterns and a

sew-by sample

You are ready for a manufacturing quote:

  • Manufacturing quotes are free!

  •  Use the link below to submit your information and we will get back to you with information on how to submit your sew-by sample.  

  • We will evaluate the sample and give you an estimated manufacturing quote. 

  • If the quote works with your costing, then the next step would be for us to make a sample ourselves to get the exact manufacturing cost.

  • After you approve the sample, then we are ready for manufacturing! It's that easy! 

If you have a sew-by sample but do not have patterns or patterns are not graded 

We can still give you an estimated manufacturing Quote:

  • Follow the steps above but after we give you the quote, then you'll work with our pattern department to develop or grade the patterns you need for production. 

  • This could include cleaning up current patterns, grading current patterns or developing patterns from scratch based off of the sew-by sample. 

  • After we have completed patterns, then we would need to make a sample ourselves to get the exact manufacturing cost.

  • After you approve the sample, then we are ready for manufacturing! It's that easy! 

If You have an idea or sketch but do not have a sew-by sample or a pattern 

We are currently not offering product development services 

  • Our product development services are currently suspended as we reformat our product development department.

  • In the meantime, you will need to have a sample made and sent to us before we can discuss manufacturing.

Phone: 615-977-2685

2545 Lebanon Pike

Nashville, TN


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