Megan Prange

About Us

Megan Prange created Prange Apparel in response to the difficulty facing independent designers, boutique owners and business owners in creating small batch clothing in the USA.


She started her career working with a few select designers as their personal production assistant and product developer, but after repeatedly hearing of the obstacles other creators were facing while trying to bring their ideas to fruition, Megan decided to start offering her services on a broader scale and opened her business in 2013.

Since its inception, Megan's business has grown rapidly, expanding with new machines and new services each year. What started as business focused mainly on product development and very small batch production has grown to full scale cut and sew manufacturing.


We look forward to bringing new facets of the business to our clients as we continue to grow.

Phone: 615-977-2685

2545 Lebanon Pike

Nashville, TN


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