Welcome to

Prange Apparel! 

We are a cut and sew manufacturing facility located in beautiful Nashville Tennessee.

All of our manufacturing is done right here in Nashville, from start to finish. Our staff of amazing team members are ready to sew your next garment or collection. 

We offer fast turnaround times, low minimums, and an easy start up process. 



It has come to our attention that someone in Nashville has been using the Prange Apparel LLC name and address as the return address on envelopes containing fraudulent checks. We are in no way associated with these and if you receive one of these packages, do not cash the check and do not call or email the number enclosed in the packages. The checks are not from our company, but appear to be from random businesses across the US. We've filed a police report and contacted FedEx, although they have not been of much help as of yet. 

Phone: 615-977-2685

2545 Lebanon Pike

Nashville, TN



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